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The Heart Grows Fonder

October 9, 2007

So the phone just rang. It rang that special ring that it does when it’s a long distance call. I swear my heart jumped. Joy swirled in my mucus filled head. I rushed over to the phone only to find the number was an 800-number. Phone solicitors, not my sweetie. Rats!!. The poor young lady calling was doomed even before I picked up. I was nice, I usually am unless they give me reason not to be. Like the guy who called once and asked if I could donate $100 like I did last year. Huh? Did he think I was too stupid to remember that I have never given $100 to any phone solicitor ever? Yeah, I was rude to him. But this young lady almost made me laugh. I listened to her script and then she said, “so we are axing you for…”  Yes axing. Apparently phone solicitors have resorted to violence.

Anyway, nobody gets anything from me. Not for a while. I’ve committed a good sum of money annually for the next 5 years to the non-profit where I am on the board. We are building a new facility. One of these days I will tell you all about it. But not today.

The good news is that I am starting to feel better. I wasn’t at all this morning. Today was the worse that I felt so far with this cold, and I was sure it was spreading into my lungs. But not so.  As the day went on, I wavered back and forth between feeling great and wanting to go home to bed, but by 3pm or so I was feeling fine. Let’s hope that trend continues. I have tickets to the Red Wings game on Friday vs. Chicago. Me and three buddies. Afterwards I think a night out with boys is in order,  I better be up for it.

So it’s been about 49 hours now since I last spoke to Kelly. She is at the cottage and there is no phone, so we are cut off from each other. The knowledge that I cannot contact her even if I needed to is making me nuts. It’s making our being apart so much harder to bear. I’m not bouncing off the walls or sulking around or anything, it’s not like that. It just feels more, I don’t know, apart. It’s true what they say about absence.

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  1. October 10, 2007 12:27 am

    Ain’t it the truth. When my husband goes away for a length of time, when he drove across country to visit his mother for instance this summer and I stayed home, I’d wait for those evening phone calls hopeful that he’d be in an area where the cell connection worked. I did not miss his mess making at home, however. I did enjoy the absence of messes when he was gone. But by the time he returned some three weeks later, I was SO HAPPY TO SEE HIM I even looked forward to his dumping his stuff all over the living room, which I knew he would do, as by then I was missing him so much I even missed his silly messes. Amazing what absence will do to ones heart. (if only for a short while until the mess making gets to me again…but I’m still happy he comes home).

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