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A Few Days

October 11, 2007

Well, I don’t want to jinx it, but I am feeling a little better today. Amazing what a full day of taking care of yourself will do. It was about 10pm last night when I went to sleep, by the time I was done all my ablutions as Kelly calls them, and I was out within seconds of hitting the pillow. This morning I slept until 9am, and then tentatively got up wondering if I would feel better or worse. I never really know until about an hour later. I’m not a morning person, so I don’t ever feel bright eyed nor bushy tailed in the morning, let alone when I’m sick.  But I felt better, and I made myself french toast for breakfast. Then I hit a wall and went downhill a bit. I spent the day coughing and otherwise clearing my lungs.I checked office e-mails and made a few calls. And I cancelled plans to go to the Red Wings game tomorrow night. (big sigh)  I called the guy that shares my season tickets and he is taking tomorrow nights game, and I’ll pick another game off the schedule later.  I then called the guys I was bringing and let them know too, promising to make it up another time.

My sister came by in the afternoon and brought me some homemade chicken soup. I reheated it for dinner and I must admit that it seems to have worked its magic. Along with all the healing energy that you sent me (thank you Lynn, Violet and Olivia) I think that I am well on my way to feeling better.  Just to be safe, I think I’ll take one more day off work, much to the dismay of some of the project coordinators. But the work will still be there, and if I feel well enough I’ll go in the afternoon and pick some stuff up for the weekend.  Nahhhhh…..:-)

I miss Kelly. No really. I MISSSSSS Kelly. A LOT. It’s been 4 days now since we last talked and I can’t wait to hear her voice again. Today, not being at work, left me with fewer distractions to help me forget that she isn’t here. I found myself doing things that will please her when she gets back. It somehow made me feel connected to her. But I could only manage those when I got little bursts of energy. I never really asked how long she was going to stay at the cottage. A few days is all I remember. I know she really needed this and I’m happy she is doing it. But I hope “a few days” meant four or five, because that would mean I will hear her voice soon. And that would help more than any chicken soup in the world.  

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  1. October 12, 2007 10:42 am

    Whee! I’m so glad you’re feeling better! I, too, have the ups-and-downs where I’ve got some energy and clear headedness for a bit and then I’m back to drowning in snot. (Pretty, no?) But! This morning I woke up with a fully-clear nostril that I could breathe out of.. and that’s like a miracle.

    I hope you hear from Kelly soon – as soon as she’s feeling clear-headed and refreshed and renewed. Just think of how much energy she’ll have to share! Zow!

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