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Goin Shopping

October 26, 2007

I know, I know. It’s been a while. Things have been a little busy, and the rest of the time I just haven’t been motivated to write anything worth reading. I started to on Wednesday night, but I was exhausted and as I re-read the gibberish I had written, I decided it wasn’t worth posting.

I am at work right now on my lunch break. The lunch room is pretty quiet. It’s the last day for someone here so most people went out for lunch. I just wasn’t up to being social and besides I’m trying to save money and watch what I eat, so a lunch comprising of pub food and a few drinks was not in the cards for me.  So I thought I’d blog instead.

It’s also a cool rainy day. Miserable. Which is fitting considering my mood. Since Owen died yesterday, I’ve been somewhat bummed out. It’s not evident to everyone, but it’s there right under the surface.  I miss the little fella. He was not very active in the last little while, but he was there, and he made his presence known. I miss feeding him bananas and pine nuts. I like the way his little nose would scrunch up to sniff out what I was offering him, and how he would grab on to my fingers for support sometimes to get better access to it. I know that he went peacefully. That is a blessing and I am grateful. But he is still gone. The den feels different.

I bought some flowers for Kelly on my way home last night. Some of her favorites. Gerbera Daisies. She placed them in a vase on the desk that was right next to where Owie’s cage sat. I had thought they might make her feel a bit better. I suppose I was trying to cheer myself up as well. I don’t suppose daisies like bananas.

Tomorrow it’s going to rain again. No matter. We’re going shopping. In the US. Part of the advantage of living in Windsor is that we are right on the border. Shopping in the US used to be a way of life back in the 80’s. Then the dollar tanked and Canadian retailers really stepped it up as far as selection, so there was no need or desire to shop on that side of the river anymore. 

Well, as you all know, with the Loonie at about $1.04 right now, and with Canadian retailers refusing (for the most part) to lower their prices accordingly, it’s hard to avoid at least investigating the savings to be had on the US side. Yes I know, support our own country, blah blah blah.  Money is money. Hard earned. Competition is what it is. Make me want to shop here and I will.  Until then, it’s off to Great Lakes Crossing.

Update: We may not make it to Great Lakes Crossing after all.  Kelly is very good to her feet and has a preference (a passion really) for certain brands of shoes that can more easily be found at a different mall called Sumerset Collection. Yes, a mall they don’t call a mall, it’s a “Collection”.  Maybe they thougth if they made it sound like an art gallery they would keep the riff raff out.  Anyway, it should be fun. The people watching will be great.

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  1. Lynn permalink
    October 27, 2007 1:34 am

    I think you should go to this Mall regardless of where you actualy buy the shoes. I want to see photos and I think you guys should take photos of the clientele there gawking at YOU BOTH! Tell Kelly to wear her wildest T shirt and you do the same! Drape some crazy flag/saying/quote across the back of your chair too. Really get their dander up! I wish I could come too.

    Sorry for your loss too Syl. the flowers were a lovely gesture.


  1. I Am Good to My Feet «

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