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November 9, 2007

I did it!! I successfully completed an entire week of NoMoBeL8!! I was on time or early every single day this week. It’s getting easier and the more I do it, the more I am driven to keep it up. One of my coworkers was so impressed this morning she bought me a coffee. But the best gift this morning was a surprise from God.

My drive to work takes me along the waterfront, along the Detroit River. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to tell Kelly. Today was one of those somewhat rare days, which for reasons I am not quite sure, conditions are just right for the water on the river to be perfectly still. I don’t understand it, because the current in the river is very fast. I have had scuba diving buddies tell me they have to tie themselves off or they will be downriver in no time. So you would think even if the weather was perfect, there would be ripples in the water, something. But no, not this morning. This morning it was like a mirror, creating a perfect upside down replica of the Detroit skyline.  So I called Kelly on my cell phone while stuck in traffic. I think she though I was a bit nuts. Yeah ok, the water is pretty. (?)  Have a good day sweetie.

A little later I was able to borrow a camera to take this picture from the lounge at the office. It’s not as perfect as it was earlier, the water had started to come to life again, but it was good enough for Kelly to see what I was all excited about.

reflections.jpg  (click to enlarge)

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  1. November 9, 2007 11:44 pm

    The water looks like sheer glass! What a great picture. Congratulations on your first week of NoMoBeL8!! Ta Da! Hip hip hooorrraaayyyy! Peace and rejoicing, O

  2. November 10, 2007 6:57 pm

    Awesome photo Syl. I love the story that goes with it too. Thanks for sharing.
    I’m sure Kelly really Got It when she saw the photo.
    And congrats on a week of being on time. Sweet that your co workers are noticing. I wonder if any of them are grumbling about it as now they have to be more accountable too. Tee hee.

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