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Buzz Buzz…..Bleep!

February 4, 2008

They are about to scrap all of our computers at work and get the latest and greatest. After all the current ones are almost 3 years old. Virtual dinosaurs. I have a laptop and a second screen at the office. The only reason I need a laptop is so I can take it with me on vacation to keep up with e-mail.   I don’t ever really bring it home for work, at least not very often, because it’s easier for me just to log into my virtual desktop from my home computer. So I was talking to our IT guy about it. He was just working through his budget at the time and asked me a few questions.  As a result, I now have a blackberry.  I got it last Monday and despite Kelly stating that she was going to be a “Blackberry widow”  I  figured I wouldn’t get much use out of it for a while. After all, how often do I really get urgent e-mails. And anyway, nobody knows I have it so they don’t expect me to respond right away.  But I wasn’t counting on Australia.

Our client has chosen to work with a vendor in Australia. I really don’t know why, except I suspect a few trips down under might be required by said clients to umm, I dunno, sign papers?  Anyway, Australia is about 14 hours ahead of us. So on Friday night, when I was getting ready for bed,  Off it went. Buzz….buzzz…..Bleep.  “Help we need information”.  Now, it didn’t matter that I wasn’t the right person, nor did it matter that I really couldn’t help her. I knew enough to be able to guide her in the right direction, and so began the string of e-mails. I copied another manager who had been working on this project with us, knowing he has a blackberry too. And sure enough he joined in the fun. Near 11:15pm or so, I gave up, extracted myself from the mess, and went to bed. Kelly was smiling at me and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Either she was proud of me for trying to help, or she was going to place the blackberry somewhere on my person that would be less than comfortable. I figured it was safest to shut it off for the night. And the next morning I learned a valuable lesson. Koala bears don’t like to hear Bzzz…Bzzzz…Bleep!  So from now on it remains off until we are both out of bed.

Speaking of bed. I have to relay this story because it still makes me laugh just thinking about it. Some of you might remember the story about Kelly’s arm. When she was holding it up in the air and I asked why and she said “well, it has to be SOMEWHERE”

This ranks right up there with that little gem.

The other night, Kelly and I were lying in bed. She was snuggled up to me in the Koala Bear position. We had been chatting a bit and then there had been a period of silence. Maybe even a bit of drifting off to sleep. Then she started to shift around, moving her arms and kinda turning away from me, but not really. I couldn’t quite figure out what she was up to. So, I enquired, “what are you doing?”  Her answer was immediate. It was sweet and innocent and sounded like it was spoken by an 8-year old  “I’m WIGGLING, what are YOU doing?”  I burst out laughing and then we both got the giggles for about 15 minutes.  Maybe you had to be there.

And bed was also where Kelly was while I watched the SuperBowl last night. I am not a huge football fan, but I usually take in the big game. This was the first year with my monster size High Def TV, so there was no way I was missing it. Usually the best part is the commercials, but this time it was actually a pretty good game too. Still some of the commercials were very funny, and my personal favourite is the E-trade baby spots, particularly the second one with the clown. If you didn’t see them, all the commercials can be seen here. In honour of SuperBowl Sunday, I decided I would cook again yesterday. I made my world famous chili, which I felt was appropriate football fare. I made two batches so there would be enough to freeze for the rest of the winter. Kelly made some cornbread muffins and cheese dip for the nachos. Dinner was over just in time for the coin toss.


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  1. February 5, 2008 11:50 pm

    You know, Sylvain, what is truly hilarious about your story about WIGGLING Kelly is to contrast the little-girl voice in your telling of this tale with the insightful, intelligent, and wonderfully touching writer one can visit over at Kikipotamus!

    That’s one of the hazards of writing a blog as Kelly does, and having her honey write one, as well!

    It tickles me to read these little snippets of your lives, Syl, so I hope you will continue to include them. It helps me feel like I know you both, to be able to read your varying perspectives not only on life, but on each other, too.

    PS – Blackberry devices are the spawn of the devil. One man’s opinion…

    And, please send a great big freezer portion of that chili my way!!

  2. February 6, 2008 2:06 am

    The chili looks delicous…save some for summer guest! 😉
    Loved the giggling story…I remember times like that…yeah…I remember that.
    wiggling and giggling…great fun.
    blackberries are for eating…not for staying up all night with…OY.
    do you get to go ‘down under’ to visit the furry koalas?

  3. February 6, 2008 11:40 pm

    Famous, huh? It looks good enough to eat, that’s for sure.

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