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Logging and Lodging

April 16, 2008

Lynn asked a very good question. Am I logging out? (Get it? Wood chipper? Logging out??) This is the part where Kelly rolls her eyes, and gives me that “why am I with you” look.

No, I will continue blogging if y’all will continue reading. I don’t draw much of a crowd anyway, but I enjoy writing when the mood catches me and it’s nice to have a place to share some thoughts or blow off some steam.

So what’s new? Hmm…well, I’m 40. That was on Monday. Rather uneventful except for the fantastic birthday gift from Kelly. She got me a new digital camera that I’ve been researching for a while. I wanted something with a good optical zoom and image stabilization. I settled on the Canon Powershot S5. So far I LOVE it! Easy and fun to use and takes very good pictures. And with a 12x optical zoom, you should see some cool pictures on my blog in the near future.

But my birthday was filled with mixed emotions. I took Thursday and Friday off because I had contractors working in the house. I was having a new furnace, central air and tankless water heater installed. It was supposed to take two days. It took three, of course. This means on my birthday day off, Monday, I was trapped in the house supervising these guys instead of out and about in the sunshine playing with my new camera.

But also Monday night we had an agent coming by for Kelly to sign some papers. She was making an offer to lease a condo that we saw and liked on the weekend. If you read Kelly’s blog you know that she has decided to move out. Living here is just too difficult for her, she needs a place to call her own. I’ve grown accustomed to the idea. Am I happy about it? No, of course not. Do I understand and support her? Yes, of course. I love her and if this is what is best for her sanity, then I have to get behind it. Forcing her to stay where she is not at peace would only serve to destroy our relationship. So, as though turning forty was not enough, or perhaps to demonstrate that there are more important things in life than a number, my life threw me another twist. Kelly was signing papers to move out on my birthday.

It’s a very nice building, only a few short blocks from here. Underground parking, separate fitness building with a saltwater pool, squash courts, weights room, sauna etc. If she must move out, than I was happy this was the place. I will feel comfortable knowing she is in a secure building, clean and comfortable, and close by to boot. The agent told us they go fast and that there were other offers. He said she should offer more just in case. She did not. And last night he called to say Kelly did not get the condo.

I wasn’t sure how to feel. Part of me was sad for her. Part of me was happy for me. And still another part of me felt guilty for being happy while she might be sad.

The phone just rang a few minutes ago. The other person’s credit is not acceptable to the owner of the condo. He wants to lease to Kelly. She gets the keys May 1st.

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  1. healthykitty permalink
    April 16, 2008 11:18 pm

    That sounds wonderful! Your feelings are totally normal and totally okay.

    It would be odd if you were happy about her leaving, right?

    Happy Birthday!

  2. April 17, 2008 8:28 pm

    What a huge change coming up for you two. I am happy for you both, although I understand how hard it will be for you missing her at your home, Sylvain. She will probably blossom and thrive and then when you two are together things will be even better than they are now. Good for you for being supportive when it is hard for you.

    A whole new phase of life!

    A whole new decade—your 40’s!! Happy birthday!

    Kelly’s condo sounds lovely…as hard as it was, being on your birthday…it seems like an ending but I see it as a beginning. One that will lead to something more!

    You both lead such adventurous lives…

    Again, happy, happy birthday. THIS decade I hope will be your best!

    Love and good wishes, O


  3. April 19, 2008 11:02 am

    Oh I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry upon reading the last line, Syl.
    I understand where both of you are coming from/feeling/…and my heart goes out to each of you. But since I am on YOUR blog and talking to YOU now, I will say I am sorry she needs her space and it can’t be otherwise for YOU. It’s got to be hard. The place is accessable right?
    For Kelly the PLACE sounds like a dream. Is she buying or leasing or renting?

    Now back to YOU! Happy Birthday! Today is my son’s 44th birthday! He is my first child (of 2, daughter will be 40 in Dec.) What a mixed bag of events all at the same time. (for you, not for them)…Oy, I am mixing too many things together here myself.

    I hope you are still celebrating your birthday. I usually make mine drag on for the entire month. Your photo is extremely sharp so the new camera did well.
    Very nice gift.

    Hugs to you. And I hope this weekend you can get out there with your new camera and have some fun.

  4. April 19, 2008 1:18 pm

    While I wish that things could be more clear for you and for Kelly–I mean more-clearly perfect, as I am very fond of you both and wish only the best for you–I have the sense that this is actually a very positive step for both of you.

    No, I don’t have a magic explanation for that sense…it’s just guytuition. I know…no such thing. But I know no one would believe it if I claimed it was intuition.

    Just you wait, Syl! Six months from now, you will wonder why you guys didn’t get Kelly her place long before you did.


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