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Lost Time

May 30, 2008

I didn’t get too much done yesterday. It wasn’t a total waste, but let’s just say that I wasn’t as productive as I normally am. The reason? The Detroit River, which lies between Windsor Ontario Canada and Detroit Michigan U.S.A,  is the site of this weekends Red Bull Air Race. This race is held all over the world, but only in two US locations, San Diego, and this year, Detroit. It’s last stop was Dubai. You can get more info at, including ticket info, should you wish to attend this weekend.

Preparations have been going on for the last week. Fencing going up, Jumbo-Tron screens moved into place, tents, porta-johns and everything else you need for large gathering of humans.

Yesterday, the planes came out for their practice runs. We knew something was up when at 11:30 am, the Coast Guard was out shutting down the shipping channel. Then at noon, just as I was taking the first bite of my sandwich, the first plane came roaring out of the horizon.

I took a ton of pcitures, but here are just a few.

These ones are a wider angle, to give you a sense of the course.


 And these ones show the planes in action.



I was not sure if I wanted to attend. Until yesterday. I got goose bumps watching these things roar past us just a few hundred feet away. Time trials are Saturday, and the race is Sunday. If the weather is right, I’m SO there.

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  1. May 30, 2008 8:08 pm

    Wow…too cool…Syl…I’d go too.
    Great shots you got.
    That plane coming right at you.
    All this from your office window?
    Or were you down below?
    Now I see why Fred says we’ll be taking a ferry
    to come see you.
    Gosh, I hope you’ll be home.
    Do I have your address?
    Best send it to me.
    Just incase.
    Let us know the thrill of the show.

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