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Shopping Cart Rescue

April 8, 2012

Sometimes you see something and realize you can fix it. Easily. No it’s not your responsibility, and you certainly don’t have to do it. But it’s easy, and you can, so why not?

That’s the short explanation for this photo.

Kelly and I were in a nearby park, birding.  We came across an abandoned shopping cart next to the path near a creek. We both recognized it as one from a store at which we both shop, and it was nearly new. How it got here, over a mile from the store, roughly a 20 minute walk, is not certain. But we were sure that it wouldn’t be long before a passing kid would decide to push it off the path and into the creek, just because he could.

So, being that I drive a van with a ramp, returning it to its home seemed like the right thing to do. We agreed and Kelly began pushing it back to the parking lot. But on the paved path, the cart made a TON of noise, so Kelly decided to push it across the grass instead.

As I raced around the the paved portion to meet her on the other side, this is what it looked like. I passed a couple of teenagers who were clearly laughing at the crazy lady pushing an empty shopping cart in the park.

Years ago, the fear of embarrassment would have prevented me from participating in this good deed. Now I couldn’t care less. I laughed right along with them, hurried over to meet my crazy lady, and we returned the cart safely to its home.


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  1. April 8, 2012 4:08 pm

    Good deed well done! Yes, the older we get the less concerned we are to what others think of us.

    Yesterday I attended a rather large family gathering. I went to my closet to pick an outfit and grabbed a dark brown cotton skirt, a dark printed shell, and a green short sleeved long sweater, dark socks and dark shoes. When I got to the gathering I noticed that all my women cousins had on White or light colored outfits in very summery fabrics and sandals on their painted toed feet. I looked like fall or dead of winter and they all looked like light fluffy cottony spring/summer flowers. I am sure they noticed the contrast. I am sure I looked like the old eccentric “different” cousin. But I did not CARE. I did think that perhaps it was time to go shopping for some new clothes, something I rarely do anymore. They all looked so nice in their fashionable attire!

  2. spiritradiance0221 permalink
    April 9, 2012 5:27 pm

    Support from someone else is very empowering. I’m glad that you empowered Kelly and that she empowered you. I know that she empowered me greatly to make changes in my life while she was here! (This is Olivia trapped in the spiritradiance0221 identity by WordPress!) xoO

  3. April 11, 2012 5:19 pm

    If only you could have filled the cart with cats for a proper crazy lady experience… 🙂


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