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LED #2

February 14, 2010

I learned a new thing today even before I got out of bed.

There is a business on a residential street in my neighborhood. Sounds boring right? Let me elaborate. Because that’s the fun of these exercises. Sometimes you will learn about why this meant something to me, or why it blew my mind at the moment, or some totally cool way that I came upon the information.

So, this morning I was still in bed trying to shake off the cobwebs before getting up. As is my usual, I was playing with my Blackberry. I remembered that I had not yet installed Google maps on my new Blackberry and got excited because I remember that this new one has real GPS capability. Yes, I’m a geek. (And before you I-Phone humpers start with your crap, save it. This is my blog and any I-phone preaching will be deleted)

So I installed the app in a few minutes, and then started playing around with it. Way cool. It knew where I was of course, but also showed me a picture of my house when I clicked on the address, obviously it’s street view equipped.  So then I started exploring the neighborhood and realized that most businesses are in the maps, and if you highlight them, it gives you the full name, address, phone number, AND the option to call them. Cool.

But the thing I learned today is that one street over, there is a business I didn’t know about. I should have. See, for a few years now, when I go for walks around the hood, I go past this house and stare at the lawn decoration wondering why someone would put that on their lawn. It’s a big rock with words carved into it.  Something similar to  “Timelessly Beautiful”. Of course those aren’t’ the real words, but something just as confusing to me.   Why would you carve that into a rock. And why would you put it on your front lawn. It never once occurred to me that it’s the name of a business. The house is just a house, like all the other houses on the block. Well,  apparently, according to Google maps, it’s a day spa. Now it all makes sense.

See? That’s not a huge thing, but a missing puzzle piece in my world that is now resolved.

Also, just a bonus, as this is really my first stand alone LED post: I learned to play a new game today too!! My sweetheart taught me how to play Oware. It involves a board, and some beans, and strategy, and it’s really a lot of fun.  I can see myself playing this often with Kelly. In case you didn’t know, Kelly is VERY competitive. I did NOT learn that today. It was very clear, but was something I already knew. 🙂

What did you learn today?? 🙂

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  1. February 15, 2010 8:52 am

    So far, still in my own cobwebs, I learned that ‘ any I-phone preaching will be deleted” on this blog. Who knew? lol. No risk of that from me. I also learned that when I read ‘I-Phone humpers’, I laugh. And then laugh again. Paints a sleek image in the mind, that does.

    In your previous post I learned that I now want to know if there are extra-large + non-latex condoms in this world. One can only hope.

    Today I’m going to watch for any ‘learnings’ and see if I can actually jot them down.

  2. kittykillkill permalink
    February 15, 2010 7:54 pm

    I have learned that I can clean the house even though I am sick. Those apps are pretty neat eh?

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