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Sharing in the Now

October 20, 2007

Today was an absolutely perfect day! It’s Saturday, it was sunny and 70 degrees, and I am finally completely over my cold. Oh, and the best part? Kelly is BACK!!!  Not only is she back, but she has a whole new glow about her, an inner peace that is flowing out of her. Does that make it and outer peace?  Doesn’t matter. The point is that it made today a heck of a lot of fun. I’ve been reading her blog while she was on vacation (like all of you) and I knew that she had benefited greatly from things she had been reading and her time alone to contemplate and practice these new lessons. We had talked about it on the phone I understood how she had felt herself change in the last two weeks. So when she got back, I saw subtle differences in her. I was pleased. After all, what could be more pleasing than to see the one you love happy and smiling and truly at peace in the world?So today was the first day since she is back that I got to spend a whole day with her. I needed to get my hair cut, and then I suggested we shop a bit for a jacket for her and anything else we might need, including possibly a jacket for me too.

Now, if you’ve been reading for a while you know that I love shopping with Kelly. I hold the bags or her purse and watch her go through racks of clothing looking for things that interest her. I wait outside the change room eagerly watching her feet, waiting for her to come out and model the item for me. I love it. Every minute of it. I even found a jacket for myself. But the thing is, we were at the mall for almost 3 hours. That is waaayy past Kelly’s normal burn out time. And she was fine. Everything rolled off of her. Nothing seemed to irritate her all day. I found myself envious, almost embarrassed when I barked in my rearview mirror at the guy tailgating me on the expressway at 110 km/h. It’s hard to stay in the Now when someone is threatening your well being. Finally, after 3 hours of shopping, I had just bought myself some socks when I felt myself hit “the wall”. I told Kelly I think I was just about done. She noted that she was about ready to go too, and we headed towards the van.

But here comes the test. On our way, I said “one sec” and I darted into a store looking for a cordless phone battery. They didn’t have it and I was in and out in less than 5 minutes. The thing is, this would have thrown the old Kelly into irritation mode. A change in the plan of “we are tired and going home” would have made for a very grumpy Kelly. Tired Kelly doesn’t like deviation from the plan. And I realized that when I was in the store. I was sure of it. But not this time. This time when I came out, Kelly just smiled. “They don’t have the battery?” she asked. “nope” And off we went.

We stopped at two more places on the way home, and each time I was sure that I was pushing my luck. She would burn out any second. But today was not like that. No, today, everything was ok, nothing was going to pull that pin from the grenade. In fact the grenade has been deactivated. All that is left is the wonderful woman that I love. She is happy, fun and she an absolute joy to be with. But most importantly, she is happy. Thank you Mr. Tolle. I think I will be reading your book very soon.

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  1. October 20, 2007 9:13 pm

    I’m glad for you (both)…I can be that way too when its time to go home, tired, burned out from driving, whatever…no, I DON’T want to stop at the grocery store on the way home…drop me off pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, and go yourself.
    Oh I know that feeling.
    And your well being being threatened by the lousy driver behind? Well YES you’d lose it…at least want to say an explicative loudly…I always hide the finger throw incase they have a weapon (concealed). You are only human.
    I hope the glow sticks around a while. It can come and go and come again. Remember even in the NOW and HERE we are still HUMAN!



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